Die animierte Geschichte des Vans (Kleintransporter): Vanapalooza

Die Geschichte des Vans

Mercedes-Benz USA hat da ein tolles Video auf die Beine gestellt, dass die Geschichte des Vans schnell und anschaulich beschreibt. Inklusive einiger bekannter Movie-Vans 😉

The van’s been America’s boxy hero for generations. Building cities, hauling stuff to and fro, and even helping us relax after a hard day of doing those other two things. But, as you can see from this amazing animated history of the van created by Cub Studio and Pluto, if it weren’t for two competitive Germans and a lot of beer, the van wouldn’t even exist.

Since those inauspicious roots over 100 years ago, the van’s taken us a lot of places. Now its successor, the new Sprinter, is ready to take you — and your business — wherever you want to go. Horses everywhere will thank you.

//via Autoblog//

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