Weltuntergang? Dooms Day? Large Hadron Collider?

Ihr Erinnert euch an meine Prognose zum Weltuntergang?

Nun, die Amerikaner scheinen ganz meiner Meinung zu sein und wollen den Large Hadron Collider zur Dooms Day Machine erklären.

Mehr Informartionen:

US lawsuit calls Large Hadron Collider a Doomsday Machine, Higgs boson shrugs @ engadget

ATLAS (A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS) is one of the six particle detector experiments (ALICE, ATLAS, CMS, TOTEM, LHCb, and LHCf) currently being constructed at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The LHC is a particle accelerator and collider located at CERN, near Geneva, Switzerland (46°14_N, 6°03_E). Currently under construction, the LHC is scheduled to begin operation in May 2008 and ATLAS in mid-2008. When completed, ATLAS will be 46 metres long and 25 metres in diameter, and will weigh about 7,000 tonnes.</p> <p>The LHC is expected to become the world's largest and highest energy particle accelerator. The LHC is being funded and built in collaboration with over 2,000 scientists and engineers at 165 universities and laboratories in 35 countries.</p> <p>When activated, it is hoped that the collider will produce the elusive Higgs boson — often dubbed the God Particle — the observation of which could confirm the predictions and 'missing links' in the Standard Model of physics, and explain how other elementary particles acquire properties such as mass. The verification of the existence of the Higgs boson would be a significant step in the search for a Grand Unified Theory which seeks to unify three of the four fundamental forces: electromagnetism, the strong force, and the weak force. The Higgs boson may also help to explain why the remaining force, gravitation, is so weak compared to the other three forces. </p> <p>Credit: CERN<br /> [Reciprocal link back <a mce_thref=
The Large Hadron Collider/ATLAS at CERN, ©Image Editor

Übrigens hat sich auch Chris gedanken zu dem Thema gemacht.

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  1. Hab ichs nicht gesagt!? Apocalypse now!…

    Das Ende der Welt wird im Herbst 2008 eingeläutet! Hab ich schon mal kommuniziert. Genau hier. Tja, wer hört schon auf einen Doktor ohne echte Graduierung? (Gibst nicht? Jetzt schon!) Keiner! War ja klar!
    Kurzinfo: In der Schweiz (am / im Ce…

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