Dieses Musikvideo… phew. Eine emotionale Achterbahn. Wut, Verzweiflung, Hass, Hoffnung, Liebe. alles. Ich will jetzt zum Video auch gar nicht so viel mehr sagen. Schaut es euch an, denkt darüber nach, Act like it.

I’m not racist
I’m just prepared for this type of war
I heard Eminem’s rap at the awards, who’s he fightin‘ for?
Y’all can take that motherfucker too, he ain’t white no more

And even though Barack was half as black
You hated president Obama, I know that’s a fact
You couldn’t wait to get him out and put a cracker back
And then you gave us Donald Trump and now it’s payback for that
I’m not racist, I never lied
But I know there’s a disconnect between your culture and mine


//Danke für den Tipp an @Kavendish_//

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