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‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ ist ein tolles Berlin-Video von einem Briten

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Tim Richardson war drei Tage in Berlin. Inspiriert von den Videos ‘Watchtower of Morocco‘ und ‘Watchtower of Turkey‘ hat er sämtliche Regeln der Fotografie und des Filmens über Bord geworfen und einfach drauflosgefilmt. Die große Kamera ist übrigens auch zu Hause geblieben, der komplette Film wurde nur mit seinem iPhone 6 Plus gedreht.

It’s completely not my usual style of editing – and all the time I was filming – it felt like I was breaking every rule I’d ever known. But once I’d started I’d pretty much committed myself to continuing.

Just to make things a little more difficult for myself – I’d deliberately not brought any of my camera gear with me as I wanted to see what could be achieved with just the iPhone 6 Plus. I have to say – there’s a surprising amount of freedom when you leave the main camera at home. You don’t have to worry about bringing a bag full of lenses or tripods or anything like that and because you can carry it round in your hand all day – it is instantly there ready to hit record.


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