Darf ich vorstellen? Princess Monster Truck – Der nächste Katzen-Internet-Star

Das Internet hat ein großes Herz für „besondere“ Katzen. Lil Bub & Grumpy Cat sind dafür wohl die besten Beispiele.

Nun schickt sich eine weitere Katze an, ein Stückchen vom Internet-Katzen-Fame abzugreifen.

Ihr Name: Princess Monster Truck – Der Name an sich ist, wie bei Grumpy Cat, deren Name eigentlich Tardar Sauce lautet, schon mal ziemlich toll.

Princess Monster Truck Cat

Das ist sie nun also. Princess Monster Truck in voller Pracht.

Princess Monster Truck Cat 2

Die gute wurde von zwei Künstlern auf der Straße gefunden und adoptiert. Die Story dazu:

„Monster came tumbling out of a bush when we were walking home one night from dinner. Her hair was totally matted, she was really thin, and obviously hungry. Because she is all black and it was night time we didn’t completely see the teeth until she looked up at us and let out a really weird howl/meow. When I saw her face I kind of shrieked and said, ‚what is it?

We decided we couldn’t leave her, she didn’t look like a survivor and so we led her to our house. I carried her at some points crossing streets and then sometimes put her down to allow her to follow.

When we took her into the vet, and after they stopped laughing about her, I had to ask whether they thought Monster was born that way or whether something happened to her. The vet assured me that this looked like a condition from birth the way her jaw was structured, and these kinds of thing happen commonly in Persian breed and she thanked me for bringing her in to get her fixed. ‚It stops here!,‘ she said.“

Princes Monster Truck Katze 3

Princess Monster Truck Cat 3

Mehr von Princess Monster Truck gibt es auf Instagram.

//via Buzzfeed//

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