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Fragt Ihr Euch nicht auch des Öfteren…

… wo hat eigentlich James Bond überall mitgespielt? Oder in welchen Filmen kam Darth Vader vor?

Bei IMDb gibt es jetzt neuerdings die „charakter search“.

Hier ein Beispiel der Ergebnisse der Suche:

James Bond hatte also z.B. einen Gastauftritt bei den Simpsons – The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular

Witzige Sache 😉

Hier finden sich weitere Infos:

IMDb Character Pages!!
Take a look at our brand-new character page feature, just launched on the IMDb!! We’ve created distinct pages for your favorite characters, from the movies, TV, and more, and associated quotes, photos, a bio, and a filmography to each. One example of a quintessential iconic character with his own page is the supremely diabolical Darth Vader. You’d be surprised to see the list of credits Mr. Vader has accumulated during his career, and you can read his in-depth biography as well. Not only that, we also have a character page for his more human incarnation, Anakin Skywalker. Read the announcement here to familiarize yourself with the new pages. After that, use the site’s Search box above, and change the „All“ drop down to „Character“ to find the page for your favorite person or even your favorite creature. Please see our Character Help page for an overview of this new, exciting feature.

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