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Das (vermutlich) erste Unboxing Video aller Zeiten

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Da packt jemand seinen Betamax-Videorekorder (Sony SLO-320) aus und filmt das Ganze. Gut, das ist heutzutage nichts außergewöhnliches mehr. Dieses Video hier stimmt allerdings aus dem Jahr 1978:

In living black and white, here is yours truly on camera, cigarette and all, opening up my 2nd Betamax, an industrial unit known as the SLO-320. I bought this unit strictly for copying tapes from one Betamax to another; the 320 had no built-in TV tuner, and no timer. (Sorry for the lousy audio, there was a short in the mic cord that I didn’t know about.) This is probably the oldest „unboxing“ video ever done!!! And by the way, some people have accused me of ’staging“ this video, that it is phony. I assure you, this is the real deal! I quit smoking in 1985, for one thing, plus a lot of that hair is gone!!!

Der Kommentar hier fasst es gut zusammen:

It’s Friday night, St. Patrick’s day. Everyone else is out, getting drunk and trying to get laid, and these guys are just geeked to bits because they can open up a new tech toy. I love it.

Nerds are so much fun to hang out with. They don’t care how cool you think they are, and they’re just going to be themselves and do what makes them happy. – zanonysmus

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  1. broti sagt:

    35 Jahre später und Verpackungen sind noch exakt genauso… braune Pappe und innen Styropor und Plastikfolie. Schon spannend.

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